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AldenaGloves.eu proudly offers across Europe a wide variety of wholesale disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves. All of our quality disposable gloves are perfect for any vocation where precision is key. Providing exceptional dexterity and strength, this expert handware handles it all. Always suited to our customers’ needs, our gloves are available in both powdered and non-powdered varieties.

Whether you are a commercial business, medical facility or individual household, all of our disposable gloves are available for purchase at wholesale discount prices. From medical offices and laboratories, to chemical handling and food preparation, our durable and resilient gloves have what it takes to hold up under difficult conditions.

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Nitrile Gloves ALDENA

Nitrile Gloves

We offer a market leading range of industrial and medical grade nitrile gloves for almost any application. Our gloves are top quality and respected by professionals from many industries around the world, including medical, dental, pharmaceutical, emergency responders, veterinarians and biotech companies. Our disposable nitrile gloves offer a class leading level of quality and reliability and can be used for almost any application imaginable. Nitrile gloves are far less likely to cause the allergic skin reactions which can affect some people when using latex gloves. We offer a range of nitrile gloves. This synthetic rubber material is one of the most popular alternatives to the classic latex disposable glove.


Latex Gloves

Latex is produced from natural rubber, which is derived from the sap of a tree called Hevea brasiliensis. A lot of rubber is produced in South-East Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The trees are “tapped” which is where a small tube is hammered into the trunk, and a small bucket hung underneath to collect the sap as it flows out of the tube. After it is collected, sulphur is added in a process known as vulcanization, which converts the natural rubber into a more durable polymer suitable for modern uses. Latex is produced as a direct product of the vulcanization of natural rubber.

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Vinyl Gloves ALDENA

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are not as elastic as latex or nitrile gloves, resulting in a slightly looser fit, which many find more comfortable. Vinyl gloves are an excellent choice for people who may have skin reactions to latex or nitrile gloves. As they are so economical, they can be changed many times without too much concern, so are excellent choices for food preparation, industrial uses, hair colouring, household cleaning or janitorial uses. Our vinyl gloves have been refined and are produced to be a class leading product which you can rely on. But they are still available at an excellent price point and quality.