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Headquartered in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, ALDENA is a recognized leader in high-quality disposable latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves.

We have met the needs of thousands of professionals for over ten years in the medical, dental, healthcare, laboratory, E.M.S., beauty, automotive, foodservice, and industrial industries. We continuously maintain stringent quality control standards, ensuring that all of our products meet EU, FDA and USDA requirements where applicable.

Nitrile Gloves Wholesaler Europe

We sell all across Europe a wide selection of latex, vinyl, nitrile gloves. We also offer a vast array of miscellaneous protection products, such as disposable aprons, shoe-covers, face masks and a complete wound care line featuring our ALDENA gauze.  With our focus entirely on first-class personal protection, we are continuously improving and adding new items in the workplace. We specialize in servicing distributors – no matter how small or large – who sell to our targeted niche markets.

Latex Gloves ALDENA

Disposable Gloves

Shoe covers and face masks

Shoe covers and face masks

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Gauze products

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Medical plasters

Our Services


Gloves production

We have entrusted the production of ALDENA gloves to the most popular and known  manufacturers in the world.



ALDENA is specialist in organizing sea transportation, import and export of disposable gloves worldwide.



ALDENA distribution warehouses are strategically located which ultimately saves money on your transportation cost.



We deliver within seven days of you placing your order, providing the product is available  in our warehouses.

Meet our team



Managing Director

Our leadership team is made up of people who epitomize this aspiration, more than half of whom have been members of the ALDENA team for over a decade. We strive to create a unique, engaging work environment that fosters the kind of loyalty and long-term commitment that makes for consistently happy employees, customers and suppliers.

Our zeal to be the best in our field and to satisfy our customers with the highest possible quality and the most advanced service led us to the creation of Our goal is to deliver high quality products at excellent prices through a simple and easy to operate Internet platform.

Lucy Youksel

Lucy Yuksel

Director Global Sales & Services


Gergana Dragoeva Quievy

Business development

Denka Kraevska

Denka Kraevska

Warehouse Operations