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Do you need to buy vinyl gloves? Our range is perfect for users looking for affordable but effective hand protection.

Vinyl gloves : We are proud of our position as a leading importer and supplier of high-quality disposable gloves. Our range is designed to meet the varied needs of users in many different sectors. We sell latex gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves to both resellers and end-users that trust our products to give them the protection and hygiene needed to work safely and effectively.

We offer a fantastic range of vinyl gloves, from industrial to examination grade. Disposable vinyl gloves are more suitable in situations where the gloves are likely to be changed many times, and where there is a concern of latex allergies and reactions.

What is Vinyl?

Most people will be aware that vinyl is a type of plastic because of its use in records. Vinyl synthetic gloves are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which a polymer produced from PVC monomers. As there is only one main ingredient required to produce synthetic vinyl gloves, they are more cost effective than nitrile gloves.

Vinyl gloves are not as elastic as latex or nitrile gloves, resulting in a slightly looser fit, which many find more comfortable. Vinyl gloves are an excellent choice for people who may have skin reactions to latex or nitrile gloves. As they are so economical, they can be changed many times without too much concern, so are excellent choices for food preparation, industrial uses, hair colouring, household cleaning or janitorial uses. Our vinyl disposable gloves have been refined and are produced to be a class leading product which you can rely on. But they are still available at an excellent price point and quality.

Vinyl gloves food
Vinyl gloves hairdersser
Vinyl gloves food industry

All of our glove shipments are inspected during manufacturing for quality control, as well as prior to shipping for your peace of mind. And we adhere to internal standards which by far exceed the industry requirements to ensure that our products will always exceed your expectations.

A common reason buyers look to vinyl disposable gloves is the need to avoid latex, and the risk of an allergic reaction. In this case, buyers face a choice between nitrile and vinyl alternatives. The key points below will help you decide which is the right glove for your needs.

Benefits of Vinyl disposable gloves

  • Anti Allergenic: Vinyl gloves do not trigger a reaction in users allergic to latex. They also avoid the risks linked to the petroleum content of nitrile gloves, and can be a good choice where the wearer will be in physical contact with others who may suffer from an allergy.
  • Affordability: Of the three main varieties of disposable gloves, vinyl is the cheapest. They are perfect for users who need to change gloves frequently, while minimizing the costs of doing so.
  • Perfect for Lighter Use: Vinyl gloves provide less resistance to tears or punctures than latex or, especially, nitrile (which we recommend for heavy duty tasks). They are best suited to applications where they will be exposed to lighter wear, for shorter periods of time.

Relevant Applications

Food Prep/Service

Their lightweight nature and affordable price make vinyl gloves a very common choice for the restaurant/catering industry.


Vinyl gloves are suitable for lighter industrial applications, such as janitorial work where every day, low-hazard cleaning products will be used.


Salon staff providing services such as hair dying often turns to vinyl gloves as an affordable way to avoid staining their skin.


Our vinyl gloves are manufactured to meet standard EN 455, pertaining to medical use. They provide good protection provided they are not subjected to heavy-duty use (where nitrile or latex may be a better choice).

Personal Care

Vinyl gloves are perfect for uses such as elderly/infant care, where gloves may need to be changed regularly, and obtaining an affordable but effective level of barrier protection is the key.

We’re ready and waiting to supply you with our range of high-quality vinyl disposable gloves!